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Position your brand where you want it to be in the marketplace and achieve the brand awareness that will produce the highest level of sales through a series of push & pull communications operations.

From Branding, Look & Feel Management, Message Strategy, through Content Creation may it be text, voice/sound, video or a combination of all to communicating the content through all the traditional and new tools that are available; our Marketing Communications operations are comprehensive and therefore effective.

We integrate Promotional activities (including advertising), Sales and Trades Promotion, Personnel Sales Techniques, Internet Marketing, Sponsorship Marketing, Direct Marketing, Database Marketing and Public Relations to achieve long-term strategic success and maintain it.

A typical Marketing Communications Plan drawn by our consultants establishes the following:

  1. Situation analysis
  2. Marketing objectives
  3. Marketing budget
  4. Marketing strategies
  5. Marketing tactics
  6. Performance evaluation mechanisms

For further information please contact:

From Research, through Planning to Implementation, we create then manage the mutually beneficial relationship between you and the public; a win-win relationship that produces success.

Whereas all Strategic Communications operations, including Public Relations, share Content Creation, Management & Dissemination, Media Management, holding special events etc, Public Relations focuses on that relationship between the organization or individual on one hand the public on the other. This of course includes your relationship with the key media, may it be television, radio & press or based online.

This process of communications is two ways and whereas it allows you to inform the public of what you want them to know, it also allows you to hear out the public and react as needed.

 For further information please contact:

Saudicg holds several training programs for the purpose of capacity building in an array of fields including Business, Quality Standards (Several ISO specifications), Sales & Marketing and self-development. For further information please contact:

Our relationship with the local, regional and international media is unmatched with direct contact with media decision makers, newsroom editors and the reporters who cover your beat. Through our immaculate working relationships we ensure excellent media placement both in content and management. For further information please contact:

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Strategic Communications Division

Marketing Communications
Position your brand where you want it to be in the marketplace and achieve the brand awareness that will produce the highest level of sales through a series of push & pull ... More info...

Training Division

Training for Spokespersons
This practical training course is designed to empower private and/or public sector communications officers, spokespersons or any professionals who deal with the media with the knowledge ... More info...

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